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JOURNAL POSTINGS Wednesday 21 March 2018, the Passing of our Holy Father S Benedict, Feast. The image opposite shows the saint, supported by his monks, making his transition into eternity. The cruciform shape of his body, that is, stretched out in the shape of a cross, makes this an appropriate image for Passiontide. His gaze is upwards, towards the Lord and the life that he had always longed for. Today is also the anniversary of the death of Archbishop William Bernard Ullathorne OSB, monk of Downside, and first Bishop of Birmingham, who died on this day in 1889. He is remembered for his establishment of this diocese in peace and good order amid many complexities, and for his role in shaping the Catholic hierarchy in England and Wales - no mean achievement. He is also gratefully remembered for his encouragement and support of women religious in his diocese. May S Benedict, and Bishop Ullathorne, pray for us, in our journeys into Eternity, and may God bless you this day.

Tuesday 20 March 2018, Lent Feria. Here is part of the Preface used at Mass this week: 'For through the saving Passion of your Son the whole world has received a heart to confess the infinite power of your majesty, since by the wondrous power of the Cross your judgment on the world is now revealed and the authority of Christ crucified'. May we indeed confess the infinite power of God's majesty, shown forth supremely in our Lord's death on the Cross, and may He bless us all in our following of Him this week.

Monday 19 March 2018, Solemnity of S Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, in vision, saw something of the early life of S Joseph. As a young man and a carpenter, 'Joseph was very devout and prayed fervently for the coming of the Messiah. He was just engaged in building beside his dwelling a more retired room for prayer, when an angel appeared to him and told him not to do this, for, as once the patriarch Joseph at about this time had, by God's will, been made overseer of all the corn of Egypt, so he, the second Joseph, should now be entrusted with the care of the granary of salvation. Joseph in his humility did not understand this, and gave himself up to continual prayer, till he received the call to betake himself to Jerusalem to become by divine decree the spouse of the Blessed Virgin'. May he pray for us, and assist us in all our needs. May God bless you.

18 March 2018, Fifth Sunday of Lent. Yesterday, at First Vespers, we began the great Passiontide hymn, Vexilla Regis: 'The royal banners forward go, the Cross shines forth in mystic glow, where He in flesh, our flesh who made, our sentence bore, our ransom paid … O Tree of beauty, Tree of light, O Tree with royal purple dight; Elect on whose triumphal breast / Those holy limbs should find their rest'. At this time, too, we remember that the Lord 'set His Face towards Jerusalem', where all would be accomplished. May we walk this path faithfully, with Him, and may God bless you.

Saturday 17 March 2018, S Patrick. Here are some lines from the hymn known as 'S Patrick's Breastplate': I bind unto myself today/ the strong name of the Trinity/ by invocation of the same, / the Three in One and One in Three. ... Christ be with me, Christ within me, / Christ behind me, Christ before me, / Christ beside me, Christ to win me, / Christ to comfort and restore me./ Christ beneath me, Christ above me,/ Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,/ Christ in hearts of all that love me,/ Christ in mouth of friend and stranger'. May Christ indeed be with you this day, and may S Patrick pray for us all.


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